Alice Billerey 

What drew you to teaching yoga?


I did my initial teacher training to learn more, I was curious about the practice I was dedicating a lot of my spare time to, and I didn’t initially have the intention to teach yoga full time. However, once I started teaching I felt how deeply rewarding it is to share this beautiful practice with others. As I learn more, and develop my own practice, I feel ever more impassioned to pass on my knowledge, with the hope that it can elevate and enrich the lives of others, as it has my own. I feel lucky to be able to call this my job! 

What style of yoga do you teach?


I teach vinyasa flow & yin yoga.


Where and when did you train?


I did 200 hours training with Yoga London, lead by Holly Warren, completed in November 2016. I have recently completed 90 hours in Yin yoga with Norman Blair.


Describe your class style?


I aim to create a safe environment for people to find either movement, or stillness, in their body and space in their mind. I encourage mindful movement and my approach is non dogmatic, we are all different and our practice should reflect that. I incorporate breath awareness in all my teaching as I feel the breath is a powerful tool we can all access that enables relaxation, connection to body and focuses the mind. My vinyasa classes are strong yet flowing, and my yin classes are slow and restorative, with the use of lots of yoga props. 

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