What drew you to teaching yoga?

As a dancer, I have spent my life moving and connecting to the internal spaces of my body. I found an instant connection to yoga, the physicality of a strong Ashtanga practiced gave me a space to continue to develop my flexibility and stamina, but also help me build the strength I needed to compliment this. Furthermore it gave me a space to take the time to breathe, move mindfully and understand my body more - by letting go of any preconceived ideas and instead listening to what is present on a daily basis. I was drawn to the philosophy which the practice is routed in and wanted to explore this more. I wanted to teach yoga in order to share this with others, helping them to connect back with their bodies, and clear their busy stressed out minds in this demanding society we live in. 


What style of yoga do you teach?

Ashtanga, Rocket and Mandala Vinyasa 


Where and when did you train?

I  completed my 200hr certification in Ashtanga/ Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga with Ervin Menyhart in Coventry alongside my dance training. I was Ervin's apprentice over three years, assisting and practicing with him on a daily basis and attending intensive teacher training workshops.  I recently undertook a further 100 hours in Rocket and Mandala Vinyasa Yoga with The Yoga People.


Describe your class style?

My classes incorporate challenging sequences which encourage the student to find grace and elegance in movement, whilst finding the release and joy to let go in postures and find mental clarity. There will be emphasis on the bandhas, solid foundations/alignment and the use of the breath. 

In Ashtanga we will work with the primary series, there will be an emphasis on allowing students with a stronger practice to develop their practice and start to explore working deeper. Primary series is accessible for all, there will be modifications for those who need it - all is needed is a commitment to the breath and the practice and a trust in listening to your own body. 

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