What drew you to teaching?

Teaching for me is a natural outgrowth of several decades of practice. I never set out my stall to do it, but at a certain point there was an organic transition into supporting other people in practice.


What style of yoga do you teach

I teach ashtanga vinyasa and restorative yin yoga. I am also a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist.


Where and when did you train

My principal teacher has always been my own body on my mat, and I’ve been apprenticed to it since 1981. I am registered as an Elder Yoga Teacher through independent study and training, and have been teaching since 2003.


Describe your class style

My interest is in working with people within the laboratory of practice. My orientation is somatic, which means that I welcome in everything we encounter through the medium of the body: thoughts, emotions, memories and the dimension of being that is bigger than our own single self. I invite you to listen to your body, honour your experience and understand what happens on your mat in the context of your whole life.

In ashtanga vinyasa, the set form – the sequence of postures – is the bones of the practice. It acts as a container: a crucible within which we can experiment and explore, and the alchemy of yoga can take place. At the same time, we each arrive on our yoga mat with a unique body, a unique background and unique life circumstances, so there must be some flexibility in how we meet with the form so that each of us can enter by a door that makes the practice accessible to us on any given day.

My intention as a teacher is to be in a dialogue with you, sometimes through words, sometimes through touch or breath or energy. I want your feedback; I want to know what’s happening for you. I may encourage you if you are scared, but I will never coerce you to do anything, and you are invited to let me know at any time if you don't want to be adjusted, or if an adjustment is too strong or just not working for you. I want your practice to empower you, and I hope that we can be in creative partnership.

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