What drew you to teaching yoga?

I started practicing yoga when I was 17 years old; I had many back issues due to a sedentary life style and being overweight. Yoga literally changed my life, the practice not only healed my body but I became more self-loving and became more loving towards my family, friends.

After 10 years of practice my love for this science became so strong that I felt the need to share the practice and its benefits with others. So everyone can experience the transformational power of yoga.

What style of yoga do you teach?


Dharma Yoga

Where and when did you train?


I trained in New york with the yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra in June 2018.


Describe your class style?

My classes are inclusive to all levels of practitioners. The class is dynamic, with variations for all types of bodies. I like to make people feel welcome and relaxed. The focus of the practice is to make you feel energised and at peace.

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