Yoga has transformed my mental health, allowed me to stand in my strength and power, and to take up space as a woman of colour, a social justice activist and leader in the workplace. 


I am passionately committed to diversity in yoga by changing perceptions of yoga and broadening representations within the yoga industry so that it is more accessible and inclusive for people of colour, people with different sized bodies, people with disabilities and anyone who has ever felt yoga is not for them. 


I bring my ancestral heritage as in honouring the spiritual traditions of yoga so that it is practiced by everyone not just super bendy, flexible people. Yoga is for every body – all classes are designed with options, variations and adaptations so that students are empowered to make choices about where they are, on that day, on that mat. 


I continue to be a student of yoga with 400 hours of teacher trainings in hatha, yin, prana vinyasa flow, classical kundalini and yoga nidra. I am trained in sound healing and gong therapy with the College of Sound Healing. 

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