Phoebe Allan

Why teach? 


The process of using the body to still the mind and making breath a consciousness  part of movement was revolutionary for me and the calming qualities were instantly felt.

The practice kept calling me back until it developed into something that felt necessary to commit to. The desire to delve deeper and to share this blissful feeling with other beings took me to Indian to gain my 200hr. 

What style of yoga do you teach?


My classes are rooted in traditional Hatha, and often include kundalini kriyas and there is always pranayama.


Where and when did you train? 


I trained with Yogrishi Vishvketu at the Anand Prakash Ashram in India, 2016

Describe your class style?


Asanas are held by their is an emphasis on the space between allowing for a more conscious flow. Language is used to encourage mindful movement and the felt experience of each Asana, inviting you to explore our own unique anatomy. My intention is to guide you into a practice where you feel a deeper connection to your whole being- physical, energetic and emotional and so, harnessing the definition of Yoga as an experience of ‘union’. 

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