What drew you to teaching yoga?


Yoga has taught me so much about myself, about how I view the world, and about how we can be our best selves. The whole journey has been too exciting and beautiful not to share it with others! Everyone will take something unique from yoga, and all our journeys are different. What excites me is that, as a teacher, I have the opportunity (and the responsibility) to help guide people into a safe space in which to discover their own path.


What style of yoga do you teach?


We stick to the rules in Ashtanga, and then break them in a flowing & free style of Vinyasa. I also teach pranayama & guided meditation.


Where and when did you train?


200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa, pranayama & meditation - November 2016 with Kranti Yoga (Goa, India)

200hr Vinyasa Flow - June 2017 with Emily-Clare Hill and Michael James Wong (through Frame Academy, London)


Describe your class style?


Mindful but still strong, powerful and empowering. With an emphasis on breath awareness and the mind-body connection that makes yoga so unique from other “exercise” classes, the invitation is to feel the movements and let this move you around (and sometimes off) the mat, breaking away from set patterns. We’ll laugh, sweat and grow together :)

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