What drew you to teaching Pilates? 

I have always been involved in some sort of physical activity, beginning with contemporary dance as a child and young adult and then in my early twenties discovering a love for strength training, boxing and anything that involved using my body in an athletic way.  I have since participated in many events including strong girl competitions and I am now working towards my first powerlifting event. With a love for all movement and a keen interest in learning about my body and its strengths and weaknesses, I discovered Pilates and instantly fell in love.  For that hour during pilates, I felt alive, I developed a relationship with by body that I had not yet discovered.  For this reason, I dedided to train to become a Pilates teacher and loved every second of the course.  For me, Pilates is the essential component to all styles of training and to life in general.  When you get good at pilates, you don’t just do the exercises, you live and breathe pilates throughout your whole day, being concious and mindful with your breath and movement.  

What style of yoga/Pilates do you teach?

I trained in the Micheal King method of Pilates.  

Where and when did you train?

I trained in London in August 2017.   

Describe your class style?

Staying true to the principals of Pilates, I aim to teach classes that are mindful and focused (concentration), allowing you to connect with your own inner universe through the use of conscious breath and an awareness of your centre.  

We will enjoy a combination of standing Pilates as well as Mat Pilates, with the aim of building strength from within and building awareness of our deep postural muscles.  It is good to think about the notion that in Pilates, the exercises are about the parts of your body that aren’t moving.  

My aim is to facilitate a space whereby through controlled and precise use of movement and breath, you can experience the notion of flow, feeling immersed and alive.  

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