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Yoga teacher

Ewa began her yoga journey in 2010 when she attended a regular hot yoga class at Indaba Studio in London. Ewa was drawn to the mat for the physical and mental challenges the practice provided and has continued to practice because of the positive impact it has had on her life. In 2013, Ewa took the next step to deepen her practice and embarked on a 200hr teacher training program with Sally Parkes Yoga.

Ewa’s practice is rooted in movement with breath through intelligent and creative sequencing, alongside a fascination with the female body. This lead her to specialise in Pre and Post-Natal and Mother & Baby Yoga.

During her pregnancy, Ewa found immense joy in teaching yoga to other pregnant women for the sense of connection and empowerment it brought to her and her students. Ewa has recently extended her knowledge by completing peri-menopause and menopause teacher training, enabling her to support women in finding their connection with their bodies and minds during these precious moments in life.

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