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Yoga teacher

Richie's background in violence prevention and anti-oppression ensures that his classes are a safe space where students feel supported, empowered and included (both through posture and language) on their mat. His guiding aim is to show up with compassion and help students to love and enjoy where they are at in the present with their practice. He found his way to yoga over a decade ago through a sporting background as a competitive track cyclist. This came with a desire to feel and understand his body, its structure through motion, and its ability to connect him inwards through mindfulness.

Promoting yoga as a tool for developing mobility and a strength that goes beyond brutalising the body, Richie focuses on giving agency to students’ bodies and movements throughout his classes. He strives to offer options in asanas to students, integrating pranayama and breathwork to help bring students back into balance; visualisation and imagery as a tool for focus; and introducing audio soundscapes and soundtracks to set a sensory mood for the space.

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